Vegetarian Menu
Please advised "vegetarian" when ordering

Tom yum soup 9.9
Malaysian spicy soup 9.9

Vegetarian mixed entrees 13.9
(A combination of Samosa, Spring rolls and Perkedel Vegetable Fritter)
Perkedel / vegetable fritter 10.9
Lobak vegetarian 13.9
Spring rolls 9.9
Samosa 10.9

Mains 21.9
Spicy Malaysian mixed vegetables in coriander, turmeric, cumin and tamarind sauce
Spicy eggplants in spicy bean sauce
Red vegetables curry
Malaysian vegetables curry
Green vegetables curry
Seasonal green vegetables
Tofu with mixed vegetables
Gado gado
(Mixed vegetables with bean curd and hard-boiled egg, topped with delicious peanut sauce. A taste from Indonesia)

Side dishes
Steamed rice 4.5
Coconut rice 5.5
Roti kosong 5.9
Spring onion pancake 5.9
Archar / Melayu picked vegetables 9.9

Hawkers food
Char koay teow / CKT 18.9
(Rice noodles stir fried mixed vegetables, in a very hot wok to bring out the best in this Penang favourite dish. CKT at Rasa is cooked to perfection.)
Pad Thai 18.9

(Stir fried rice noodles Thai style with mixed vegetable, bean curd and topped with crushed peanuts and sesame seed)
Mee goreng 18.9
(Egg noodles fried with tofu and mixed vegetables with a distinct mee goreng with a touch of lemon flavour)
Rasa mee hoon 18.9
(Rice vermicelli stir fried with mixed vegetables, with a special spicy and tangy flavour)
Singapore mee hoon 18.9
(Rice vermicelli, and mixed vegetables stir fried with a touch of curry flavour)
K. L. mee 18.9
(Combination of egg noodles and rice vermicelli with mixed vegetable, cooked in a special dark soya sauce. A well-known dish from Kuala Lumpur)
Hokkien char 18.9
(Combination of egg noodles and rice vermicelli, with mixed vegetable, cooked in a unique light sauce)
Laksa siam 18.9
(A mixture of egg noodles and vermicelli served with mixed vegetables and bean curd in spicy, tangy laksa sauce and topped with mints and coriander leaves)
Curry laksa 18.9
(A mixture of egg noodles and vermicelli, served with mixed vegetables and bean curd in spicy and rich laksa sauce)
Nasi lemak 19.9
(Coconut rice served with peanut, achar/ vegetables pickles, cucumber, egg (optional) and vegetable curry)
Nasi goreng 18.9
(Not your average fried rice, but the best in spicy Malaysian nasi goreng, stir fried with mixed vegetable. A real taste of Rasa flavour)
Fried rice 18.9
(Yummy stir fried rice with peas, carrots, corns, egg and bean sprouts)
Roti chanai 18.9
(Roti served with vegetable curry sauce)

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