Gluten Free Menu
Please advised "gluten free" when ordering

Soup 9.9
Tom yum soup
Malaysian chicken soup
Chicken sweet corn soup

Street snacks
Otak - Otak / Fishcakes 13.9
Thai fishcakes 11.9
Pandan chicken 13.9
Perkedel / vegetable fritter 10.9
Satay chicken 10.9
Archar / Melayu pickled vegetable 9.9

Seafood curry 32.9
Oyster omelette 30.9

Prawns 30.9
Malaysian chilli prawns with black bean, dry chillies, ginger and garlic
Lemongrass chilli prawns
Sambal prawns

Fish 30.9
Baked fish with chilli bean sauce, lime and curry leaves (Rockling)
Sambal Fish (Rockling)
Nyonya Fish Curry (Rockling)
Fish with Nyonya Assam pedas (Spanish mackerel cutlet)

Calamari 30.9
KB Calamari
Sambal Sotong

Vegetables 21.9
Spicy Malaysian mixed vegetables in coriander, turmeric, cumin and tamarind sauce
Sambal vegetables (choice of: Spinach or Long beans or Eggplants)
Malaysian Vegetables Curry
Gado gado
Mixed Vegetables
Seasonal Vegetables

Curry dishes
Red duck curry 28.9
Nyonya curry fish 30.9
Nyonya chicken curry 24.9
Malaysian vegetable curry 21.9
Green vegetable curry 21.9
Beef rendang 25.9

Beef 25.9
Sambal goreng daging
Beef with chinesse broccoli
Teriyaki beef
Beef rendang

Chicken 24.9
Nyonya chicken curry
Coriander chicken
Rasa special chicken
Lemongrass grilled chicken 26.9
Malaysian spicy grilled chicken 26.9

Char koay teow / CKT 18.9
Pad Thai 18.9
Curry laksa with rice noodle 18.9 (Seafood 21.9)
Laksa Siam with rice noodle 18.9 (Seafood 21.9)
Har mee / Prawn noodle soup 19.9
Singapore mee hoon 18.9
Rasa mee hoon 18.9
Special fried rice 18.9
Nasi goreng 18.9
Nasi lemak - choice of Beef/Chicken/Lamb 19.9
Steamed Rice 4.5
Coconut Rice 5.5

Dessert 10.9
Pulut Itam / Black sticky rice
Bubur Cha cha

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